Thursday, February 28, 2013

3 Reasons You Should Send Me Back To The Board!

Signs you may see around town starting tomorrow!
I'm baaaaaaack!

Happy day to anyone breezing by! Chances are you are on this page because you are curious to learn more about Denise Barreto - candidate for Lake in the Hills Trustee Board.

Thanks for coming by. And yes - you are in the right place. The online home for the 2013 re-election campaign for Denise Barreto.

I am excited to be running for Village trustee again in 2013. Over the next 6 weekends you may see me out and about telling my story and asking for your vote. If by chance we don't connect personally, I wanted to have a place where you can hear the top three reasons I want to go back to the Lake in the Hills Village Board of Trustees:

Proven Leadership

Four years ago when I asked for your vote, you had to trust me on my leadership that was mostly honed in corporate America. Since then, I've served you on the board of trustees and am proud of my service thus far. Additionally, I've started a strategic business firm serving organizations from many industries including government and non-profit agencies. Over the last few years, I've become a trusted resource for employee development within parks and recreation agencies across the state of Illinois. Being a leader and developing leaders within other organizations is a great reason to send me back to the board.

Represents Working Families and Small Business

Over the last four years, I have continued to help others get elected in McHenry County keeping me close to our residents and their concerns. The Barretos are a working class family and we understand the concerns working families have around property taxes, public services, safety and other topics. Lake in the Hills has been and continues to be a great, affordable community for working families. We want to keep it that way. As an entrepreneur, I also have a unique perspective on the concerns small businesses have in our village. Lake in the Hills needs to continue to be a place where small business can grow and thrive.

Serving You Well Now

I'd like to go back to the board for another term because I am currently serving the residents of Lake in the Hills well. For two consecutive years, we have REDUCED the tax levy on your property tax obligation to Lake in the Hills. Yes, not held steady - reduced. Our staff has worked hard to serve the residents on less revenue and that is to be commended. We understand what has happened with property values and we've acted accordingly. I am leading a team to raise visibility and usage of our airport. Building relationships on the county and state level to help us make the airport the economic engine it could be for Lake in the Hills and McHenry county.  I am also driving us to implement a strategic plan to serve you better.

I have only just begun to activate my talents fully for the Village of Lake in the Hills. As you may or may not know, government moves slower than the marketplace. It takes time to get things done, and even more time to get things done, well. I've spent the last four years learning a lot and getting hand-on experience serving you in this capacity. I want to continue.  I do not believe in being a politician for a lifetime. I see it as service and temporary. I'd like you to extend your trust to me again and vote for me April 9.

Keep coming back here as I plan to connect on this page for the remainder of the campaign. Post questions or concerns and check out where I plan to be in the community.

Thanks for your support!

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