Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's Official - Swearing Set for May 14

We are just a few weeks away from my official swearing in ceremony.

The swearing in takes place at a Village Board meeting on Thursday May 14 at 7:30 pm at the Village Hall in Lake in the Hills.

I am excited and ready to get to work.

I have completed my orientation and learned so much about all the departments of the village. Recently, I spent an informative morning at Village Hall with our adminstrator and his team and an equally informative afternoon with the Police Department and Public Works Team.

After months of campaigning and meeting citizens, it was great to meet the people who actually serve the village full-time.

From just a quick glimpse - I can say we should all be proud to live in such a well run municipality. I hope to dig in over the next four years and find my niche - where we can best put my talents to work for the staff and residents.

I am open to questions or inquiries of any kind and ask that you post something here or email me at

See you on the 14th!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Your thoughts on the Daily Herald article

It is still not officially certified by the clerk's office but I will be joining the Lake in the Hills Village Board of Trustees on May 14.

I want to once again thank the residents of Lake in the Hills for trusting me with their vote earlier this week. I am very excited and humbled to serve you.

Interesting enough - I have had several people ask me my thoughts on this Daily Herald article. Read and tell me what you think.

My thoughts are somewhat complex. In the new post-Obama era - I know there is a definite "exhaustion" by many with the subject of race. That said - I was disappointed that that was the key thought in the DH piece. While out with some friends last night (some of whom voted for me Tuesday) I was asked - what I thought of the article and the headline.

"Such a complicated matter" - I hesitantly replied. On one hand - I am proud. If you read my other blog and/or spend any time around me - you know that I am a trailblazing pioneer. I love breaking  new ground - it is in my DNA to be the "only" or the "first". Somehow this time it is a little different because I am in the public eye. I have many times been the "first black" you-fill-in-the-blanks but this is the first time it was written up in the paper and does not feel quite the same as before.

You see when I spoke to the reporter on election night - I talked about how I felt (validated, humbled and excited), I talked about opening up communication between the residents and their government, I talked about how I had a plan to win and I executed it to perfection.  I talked about adding a fresh perspective - that of the younger, more diverse families moving into the area. I was asked if I knew if I was the first black person on the board and I said - "I did not know".

Yet the final points became the only point. I get it and I'm not upset. But I do realize it is a new arena I am playing in now.

One of my friends last night joked,  "I did not vote for you to make history (referring to the first line of the article), I voted for you because I believe in you." 

And I know many others in Lake in the Hills feel the same way. 

I am curious though, to hear open honest discussion on the topic. Three days later and no one has left any comments on the DH webpage with my article - I bet there are thoughts and I'd love to hear them.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Thank you Lake in the Hills.

You won't be sorry you trusted me with your vote.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

In the Voter's Hands

This afternoon- as the sky spit a rain/sleet/snow mixture - I spent my final hours canvassing neighborhoods to encourage voters to consider me.

As always - I am so energized by meeting and speaking with residents.

I want to get to work on their behalf right away!

Tomorrow night - I will make a few more calls and call it a campaign.

It's in the voter's hands now. 

I am humbled and excited all as once to see if the voter's will entrust me with the opportunity to represent them.

Either way - I am a better person because of my interactions with the people of Lake in the Hills during this campaign. 

Thanks Lake in the Hills for your consideration.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Early Voting Ended Today - 5 Days Until Election Day

Today, early voting ended.

Tuesday April 7, 2009 polls open at 6:00 am.

Tonight, I had an experience that captures what politics should be about.

I called an angry voter to apologize for a misunderstanding and earned her vote tonight.

We exchanged our hopes, dreams and fears for the future of Lake in the Hills and you know what, we had something in common.  We both want to best for our village and want to keep it as a welcoming place for working families to live and raise their families.

We did not agree on every point but we found common ground without disrespecting one another. 

I did not call her with an agenda nor was it my intention to sway her one way or another. 

I wanted her to know that I care. 

She appreciated the time and pledged her vote.

I was and continue to be humbled by this encounter. This is precisely why I entered this race.

Voters - if you trust me with your vote on Tuesday - I promise to do the same for you.

I will listen.

I will share.

I will represent you.

Elect me - Denise Barreto to the Village of Lake in the Hills Board of Trustees.