Sunday, May 31, 2009

First Week Under My Belt

Last week was my first full week as an elected trustee on the  Lake in the Hills Board of Trustees.

With the exception of feeling like I was being "punked" on my first night  - I enjoyed every minute. Even when I was looking for the hidden camera and Ashton Kutcher to come busting out of the break room - I was right at home on the board.

Preparation was key. In reviewing the materials - I drove by Well 9 and the future Well 17 to be sure I at least had an idea of what we were discussing related to this project. I read and read and read ordinances and codes - it is getting practically engrained in my brain and I count that as a good thing.

The big thing I learned this week - was being prepared to just listen.  In preparation for the meeting - I read the materials, did some research and drive by views of places we'd discuss; all good and significant activity to be "ready" for the meeting.

Preparing to listen seems counterintuitive but it is not. 

Listening for understanding and without judgement is key for me and I will work very hard to do this at every opportunity this term. I am certain I will have plenty of practice.