Sunday, August 22, 2010

I Told You SO!

That's the word on the street about this blog.

"I knew she could never sustain it."

"The People's Trustee? Ha!"

"What was she thinking?"

I can hear it now. And most likely will at this week's Committee of the Whole meeting.

Truth is...

There is not that much going on in the Village of Lake in the Hills, IL. And what IS going on is not of that much interest to the everyday resident as evidenced in our Audience Participation portion of the meetings twice each month.

Another truth...

I am not one to "speak" just to hear myself. The purpose of this blog is to exchange with citizens and update you on my thoughts on village happenings. So if there is not much happening... then there are not many reasons for blogposts.

I'd considered shuttering this page after the first 60 straight days of no activity but changed my mind. If you Google my name - this is the first listing that appears and it would cost a fortune to get that another way. I love the placement and can't part with it anytime soon.

Sooooo.... if you are interested in my thoughts in general - you can always follow my other blog here or follow me on Twitter where I am extremely active.

As for my Board responsibilities - I continue to enjoy my service and love explaining my position to all who have reached out to me to hear it. Additionally, I will be representing Lake in the Hills at the Illinois Municipal League annual conference running a workshop on cultivating talent in our communities by volunteer programs. I will surely update you after that experience in late Sept.

Until the next post - I appreciate any thoughts or questions.

Thanks for checking in.