Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Commercial Vehicle Parking Study Committee Meets and Dissolves in One Night

Monday night, the Commercial Vehicle Parking Study Committee met to discuss the commercial vehicle parking in residential areas. It was an interesting experience and one that I am proud to have participated in positively.

The public meeting had no attendees besides other trustees; However, I want to acknowledge the citizens who contacted me with their opinions about the subject before the meeting. I was very impressed to have received two emails and one call regarding this issue. I am certain that forums such as this blog encouraged this interaction. Thanks to you who wrote and I hope it serves as motivation to others to get involved, let me know what you're thinking on topics we tackle as well as anything that's on your mind.

I believe we came to a conclusion that best serves our community at large.

Essentially, we are amending our zoning code to allow commercial vehicles with D plates that are no taller than 9 feet to be parked in residential areas (driveways). Additionally, we are limiting the type of trailers that can be parked in residential areas to TA plates (3000 lb capacity) with TB and TC plates on a call-in basis limited to approximately 5 days per year. Further details and exact language will be available at our first January Committee of the Whole meeting on January 12.

The discussion was healthy and civil. It was tough to work through a few compromises, but I am proud of every member of the committee and honored to have worked alongside them.

One thing I realized during this experience is the importance of thinking for the greater good. We live in an era that is so very consumed with individual rights. I've heard it said that the late 60s kicked off the "Me" generation - if that is the case then I don't even know how to describe where we are today.

It is imperative to listen to all point of views and look at how what we do affects the entire community. Then, we are charged with moving forward toward solutions that serve the greater community best.

Are we going to satisfy everyone, every time?

Not a chance.

So the Commercial Vehicle Parking Study Committee accomplished what it set out to accomplish - discuss and bring closure an on-going parking issue in the village.