Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Power of 10%

Recently, someone razzed me for pumping gas in Algonquin.

At first, I was annoyed then I quickly retorted - "Yeah, but for every three fill-ups - I intentionally fill-up in Lake in the Hills."

Then I got to thinking about all the people who live and do life in Lake in the Hills and what would happen if they all INTENTIONALLY directed at least 10% of their spending to businesses in Lake in the Hills.

I will be the first to admit that I did not drastically change my habits until I read the budget and studied the finances of the village.

We are doing more with less and have been for quite some time. Did you know that our staffing levels are currently at pre-2005 levels? Meaning -we have more people living in and being served in Lake in the Hills in 2010 by the same amount of employees as we did before 2005.

There's more nuggets like that and if you care to discuss - call or message me. I'll buy you coffee for your trouble.

My point is not to debate how we are doing with our current resources and revenues -FACT- revenues are down. FACT -we are "getting by" with what we have and FACT - Lake in the Hills is landlocked and we are really dependent on businesses in our neighboring communities to live our lives. However, often times people want to know what they can do to help. This is just my humble suggestion - divert some of your current spending to Lake in the Hills.

I intentionally direct more than 10% of my spending to Lake in the Hills - no matter what. Here are my top 4  contributions:

1. Eating out - whether it's ordering pizza or the occasional date night with my husband - I intentionally direct money that I used to spend in other areas to Lake in the Hills.

Brass tax - Bistro Wasabi over Bangkok Thai or White Castle versus Burger King - it's easy and since we don't eat out regularly - it is not hard to remember to give the business to Lake in the Hills.

2. Gas -I've already said this one but I make sure every three fill-ups are in Lake in the Hills - even if it's cheaper in Algonquin.

3. Costco vs Sam's Club - Ironically - we made this change due to proximity even though we liked Sam's better. This change alone has contributed thousands in the last two years.

4. Convenience items - Yeah - I know grocery store-wise we only have Dominicks and I rarely shop there. However, I do give them business for the short trip stuff and you know what I mean - not the full list but the milk, bread - few item runs. I also watch the ads because sometimes - Dominicks surprises me and is the best deal

These are just some ideas - perhaps you have others. I am thinking out loud with you -  of ways to help our village generate more revenues

With little effort,  we can all improve the finances of our community.

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  1. Ever since you all raised the sales tax, I direct my spending OUT of LITH.