Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Election Coverage - Check it out!

As we are in the final two weeks of this campaign, there are several sources for information on all the candidates that I suggest.

The Daily Herald has done a great job of compiling detailed profiles on all the candidates for the Village Board of Trustees here 

The Northwest Herald has a new story published here

I'll keep on the look out for more information as we get closer to decision day. 

My hope is that the people will take all the information into account and choose me to represent them on the Lake in the Hills Village Board of Trustees.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

About Me

Today while meeting voters and introducing myself - I said the following many times. Just in case you have not met me yet (and oh, I plan to meet as many of our citizens as possible over next three weeks), here's a little..

About me...

I married the funniest,  most supportive man eight years ago later this month.

I am a mom of two kids - 7 year old girl and 3 year old boy

I am a marketer by trade having worked for some of America's most storied companies such United Airlines, Pella Windows and Doors and now Sears - with each company hiring me to usher in change as we introduced new products and/or services see more about my work history and as well as references  here....www.linkedin.com/in/denisewbarreto

I am a proven change agent and leader who loves taking different points of view and gaining consensus to drive results.

I want to put my talents, that have helped me for many years in corporate America,  to use for the citizens of Lake in the Hills.

Two examples of key issues for me: 

Parks and Rec - affordable options for individuals and family activities

Working families - keeping the interests of this key group as our priority

Join me on April 7 or  you can start voting on Monday March 16 at the Algonquin Township Office or Huntley Park District.

Vote for me - Denise Barreto for Lake in the Hills Board of Trustees

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Top Five Reasons To Elect Me

Whether or not you've had an opportunity to see my printed piece - I wanted to expand on a message that I have out in the community today.

5. I am a proven leader

I have excelled in the workforce over the last 16 years as a marketing executive. With each move - I have gained more responsibility and had to manage in all levels within the various corporations I have served.

Eleven years ago - I founded and led the FireWorks for Kids Foundation for the first three years of its existence. This foundation is the 501- c3 not-for-profit arm of the Chicago Fire Major League Soccer team. It was an incredibly innovative concept at that time in Major League Soccer(MLS) and we were the first team to launch a non-profit. There are over 8 of them today and because of with my leadership - the league started a Community Relations Summit in 1999 to address the needs of the community relations departments throughout MLS.

I am also a volunteer leader at Willow Creek Community Church in the Promiseland Children's ministry.

4. I love Lake in the Hills!

After we married and started a family, my husband, Isael and I settled in Geneva and really enjoyed our time there. However, when it was time to make a choice on where to live and raise Emma (our only at that time) - we were very deliberate in our choice of Lake in the Hills. Not only was it affordable with excellent schools, but we could see the budding diversity that was starting at the time of our move in 2002. There was a time when I used to say "this is not my dream home" - and I literally meant my house on Alexandria Drive -but I have grown to love my corner lot and cannot imagine moving anywhere anytime soon.

We are strong participants in the Lake in the Hills Parks and Recreation offerings. From the dance program that my daughter participated in for three years to the Funstastic Day Camp - I have been an active advocate for the programming here. In addition to donating my talents to the staff in order to better the program by formulating focus group facilitation materials - I have been a personal reference to many parents considering sending their kids to the Funstastic Camp program.

I have voted in all elections here, big and small and made my voice heard. This is an important trait in a public servant - one who is diligent and consistent to vote in private will not hesitate to vote publicly representing your concerns.

3. I will represent working families

The majority of us living in Lake in the Hills are not independently wealthy - so that makes us working families and I am one of you.

I grew up in the south suburbs of Chicago - in Harvey and Chicago Heights both working class cities with no "rich" side of town. I understand hard work as I watched my dad - Albert provide for us by working as a union journeyman mechanic. I remember vividly - his oil crusted nails and his restlessness for sitting around because he worked so hard physically everyday of his life. Gratefully - he is retired to his native Alabama.

It was during the fall campaign season as I knocked doors on behalf of a potential McHenry County Board Member (she was victorious and our face-to-faces with the citizens made the difference) - that I learned of the concerns of working families in Lake in the Hills.

It was the neighbor two streets in back of me that told me of the spotty work that has been available for the last two years as siding blew off the side of his house. It was the anger in his voice and the tenderness of his wife's caresses on his shoulder that touched me most. He had something to say and no one to say it to.

It was the empty homes that line my subdivision and the many others in Lake in the Hills that tell the story of the families who just didn't make it for one reason or another.

The clear concerns that our home values keep dropping as our property taxes continue to rise.

I get it and am ready to roll up my sleeves to help us keep our taxes in Lake in the Hills in line.

2. I am proven change agent.

In 16 years and seven career opportunities - only two jobs existed before I arrived. That makes me a pioneer by nature. I thrive in an environment that wants to change and most often, personally led those efforts to bring change about. 100% of the people that have hired me has asked that I come in and motivate those around me to a new direction.

1. I want to serve YOU.

I love politics - always have and always will. I also can say that I have been involved in politics on a local level in just about every place I have lived - in Chicago, Milwaukee, Atlanta and now Lake in the Hills. I believe that the heartbeat of politics is local. Everyone needs a voice in this community. I have been overwhelmed by the support of my neighbors, co-workers and others in my network who have encouraged me to run. I am humbled by the opportunity. I have served others in many capacities over the years and am ecstatic to have the chance to put my talents to work for you.

Please feel free to post a comment or send me an email at barreto.denise@yahoo.com with any questions or if you want to talk to me in person. I look forward to meeting and speaking with as many citizens of Lake in the Hills as I can over the next four weeks.

Friday, March 6, 2009

The New Headquarters For My Political Campaign

With only 4 weeks until the election and lots of activity surrounding the campaign - we have launched this locale for supporters and future supporters to learn more about my quest to win a seat on the Lake in the Hills Village Board of Trustees. You can find this site easily at www.denisewbarreto.com.

The election is on Tuesday April 7. Early voting will open on March 16. 

I am seeking my first public office and there is a field of six candidates for three open trustee positions. There are two incumbents - one who was elected twice and is now seeking a third term and one who was appointed to finish a term of a former Trustee who went on to serve on the McHenry County Board. Including myself - there are four new candidates in the field.

From now until the election I will be post blogs commenting on my adventures as I campaign and meet the electorate of Lake in the Hills.

My number one objective as Trustee is to represent the working families of Lake in the Hills - with or without children. This is impossible if the people I want to represent do not know what they want and/or need. I will be challenging the citizens of Lake in the Hills to become more involved in their community.  Not a la "44" but I will invite the opinions of citizens to weigh in on issues that the village faces and ask that they make the meetings that are held twice monthly  -their meetings. I have said that I want everyone to know that those meetings are not for the Village President nor any of the Board of Trustee members - they are for everyone. 

Thanks for caring and check back for updates.