Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wind Energy Part Two - Dec 14

After a lively discussion and productive meeting on Monday night, the Planning and Zoning Commission tabled the Small Wind Energy system ordinance until the next meeting on Monday Dec 14, 7:00 pm at Village Hall.

I was impressed that we had three citizens join the discussion and was encouraged by each of their comments. It is interesting, one of the citizens apologized for not being part of the discussion before now. From my point of view - we accept that apology heartily and are glad you are part of the discussion now. I also received feedback from citizens who could not make it. This is local government at its best - when we collaborate to come up with the best solution for the greater good. This is why I ran for office and I am glad to be part of this so soon in my term.

Here are the links to articles related to the issue for your review:

First Electric Newspaper - actual meeting coverage
Northwest Herald - meeting day coverage

So once again - I ask - if this issue is one that you hold a strong opinion on,  one way or another, please come out on Dec 14 and make your voice heard.

See you on the 14th!

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