Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Commercial Vehicle Parking - Open Your Mouth - GET RECRUITED

Two citizens and myself did just that a few weeks back and now we are all on a committee to investigate how to best approach the Commercial Vehicle Parking situation in Lake in the Hills.

Essentially, we have had three citizens in a three month period come before the board regarding commercial vehicle parking.

The first citizen, a few months back, came to us because of his D plated licensed truck getting ticketed for overnight parking in his driveway. At the time, I was uneasy with the thought that we could be limiting employment options for anyone based on the plate of their truck. I read the ordinance and offered a suggestion to the citizen but really left this issue alone. I will stress that while I felt uneasy, it did not occur to me, then, that this could be a bigger problem.

Fast forward to the November 9 Committtee of the Whole meeting...

On this night, two citizens came before the board. One with a similar issue to the previously covered issue of a D plated truck and citations and then an opposing view - about the lack of limitations on commercial vehicle parking. The citizen cited trailers, snow plows and other commercial vehicles or accessories that were being stored in driveways.

On this night - it hit me. We have a problem.

You see, in my view - one person is probably representative of a broader issue that may or may not be chronic. Three people within 10 weeks is definitely a bigger issue.

We don't see very many citizens at Committee of the Whole or Board meetings. I can probably tell you each citizen who has been before us since I was sworn in in May and their concern WITHOUT looking at the minutes because it has been so few.

With three people in ten weeks on the same issue, it is apparent that is much bigger than we realize and must be investigated. So I am glad I opened my mouth.

Check out an article covering the Nov 9 meeting: First Electric Newspaper

Here is where you come in... We will meet on Dec 14 at 6:00pm at Village Hall and I want to know if you or someone you know in Lake in the Hills has an opinion on Commercial Vehicle Parking.

Are you a contractor who has had to park elsewhere due to tickets on you D-plated vehicle?

Do you just get sick and tired of seeing commercial vehicles parked on your block?

Leave a comment.

Email me at

Speak up. The committee is formed so you have no fear of being recruited :)

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