Wednesday, July 1, 2009

1st Press on the New Trustee

No sooner had I posted last week's blog did I get a call from the Daily Herald the next morning.

This article is the result of that call. Please read it.

Overall - very accurate accounting of the conversation.

The omission that I would have liked reported was this:

My reference to the commision to study exotic animals was not a "typical political response" to throw a committee at something. I said that we are not going to spend money on a study which is what it would take for me personally to feel comfortable allowing exceptions to our municipal code. In our current economy - we cannot afford to do more than we have done in research and what we found leads me to believe that our municpal code is well written for this specific case.

Does it cover all potential exotic animal species? That could be debated.

I do not have the expertise to decide if this animal or any naturally wild animal (this one happens to hail from Madagascar where they are naturally wild) is a safe pet or better stated, not a threat to our community.

Without further study - I stand by my decision.

Funny, to those watching and commenting all over the articles (the aforementioned and this one from the Northwest Herald), this is a very unpopular decision out the gate for this new trustee.

I am ok with that. I wasn't sure how I'd react the first time I was accused of meddling or called an idiot.

I am happy to report that I am fine.

Yeah - it stings to read how "stupid" I am but I have a clear conscience and know I made the right decision for the community.

That soothes the sting.

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